I help high-achieving women with ADHD to be the world-class senior leaders they want to be.

Do you want to

  • Create life and work strategies designed for the way your mind works?
  • Meet challenges and setbacks head on, so you never have to feel powerless again?
  • Feel energised, focused, confident about taking risks, and excited about doing what you love?

It really IS possible to

• Stop feeling overwhelmed by the scope of your responsibility and accountability, and paralysed with indecision.
• Inspire and lead your your team without being constantly exhausted and overwhelmed.
• Harness your ADHD strengths and use the weaknesses to your advantage to stand out as a word-class senior leader (and blaze a trail for workplace neurodiversity and authentic leadership in the process).

At senior levels, your higher profile means mistakes are more likely to be noticed or even damaging. The stakes are a lot higher, and that can be scary. Especially when the strategies that helped you compensate for your ADHD traits before suddenly seem less effective.

As a high-achieving woman with ADHD myself, I know that those very traits that worth you now can actually transform your work and career. There’s a reason so many of the best entrepreneurs and CEOs have ADHD.

Let’s talk about how I can help you feel confident and excited at work and use your talents not only to achieve your goals, but to inspire and lead your team—and your organisation— to greatness too.

What my clients say:

“You helped me think in a different way and change my perspective about some difficult past situations. Your support was truly invaluable.”

“I like your style. I can be stubborn if someone tries to tell me what to do. But you help me make my own decisions about what works for me.”

Coaching costs:

£65 per hour, payable in advance