Sometimes life is hard, and we feel overwhelmed and struggling to cope. It might be something that has just cropped up, or you may have been carrying something with you for a long time, maybe even from childhood.

Counselling is a non-directive, non-judgmental way to sort through what you’re feeling and find ways to feel better and move forward.

Rather than offering advice, I’ll in partnership with you to help you

  • Understand how you’re feeling
  • Explore where those feelings might be coming from and why they’re holding you back
  • Identify and develop your own resources to cope with them.

During our sessions, we’ll work at your pace, allowing you time and space to think and talk about anything that feels important to you. That might mean looking back at your past or thinking about your future, as well as what’s going on for you in the present.

I won’t ‘fix’ you, for the simple reason that you’re not broken! Instead, I’ll support you in making sense of your feelings and finding the best way forward for you.

A 60-minute session costs £65 payable in advance