I aim to create a positive, healing space that allows you to access your intrinsic potential to make changes that will help you lead a more fulfilling life. You can freely express yourself without being judged, safely process negative feelings and experiences, and think about new ways of living your life and relating to others. You remain the expert on you, but I can offer information, insights and suggestions to help you achieve your unique goals.

About Me

I’m a fully qualified counsellor and coach who helps people use their unique inner strength and resources to overcome whatever might be holding them back.

I spent more than 20 years moving up the corporate ladder, most recently as a specialist in helping employees achieve their potential. Eventually, though, I decided to follow my heart and retrain as a counsellor. I’m now a registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and an accredited member of the National Counselling Society (NCS), and I abide by their ethical frameworks.

Who Do I Work With?

I work with adults of all ages who may be experiencing a range of issues, including:

  • Past or recent trauma
  • Workplace issues, such as stress, bullying, career change or job performance worries
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Major life changes, such as bereavement, divorce or separation, redundancy, ‘empty nest syndrome’, menopause, etc.
  • Issues around sex and sexuality.

Pregnancy and Infant Loss:

I have completed specialist training on working with parents who have experienced pregnancy loss or the loss of a baby during or shortly after birth. Whether one or both parents choose to seek counselling, you are assured of a gentle welcome and a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space to work through this unique grief at your own pace.

Sexual Abuse and Assault:

As a volunteer counsellor at the Oxfordshire Sexual Abuse and Rape Crisis Centre, I’ve worked at a deep level with clients who have experienced childhood sexual abuse, sexual exploitation and/or sexual assault. Dealing with the aftermath of these experiences can feel overwhelming and, unfortunately, not everyone is able to access free counselling services in a timely way (or even at all).

I know that can feel like a huge step to ask for help as the survivor of sexual violence. I aim to create a safe, compassionate and non-judgmental space where you can carefully process your experiences at your own pace.